As you all know, Notepad++ is utmost popular text editor for Windows as it has a macro recording, syntax highlighting, normal language search, customizable interface, and replace features make it much easy to work on more intricate text documents. Though, this incredibly famous application isn’t accessible with Mac devices. There are some alternatives to Notepad++ Mac and iOS that will provide you same features and functions like Notepad++ and it will be compatible with your macOS devices.


Sublime Text

The Sublime Text is likely the best text editor for MacOS out there that is similar to Notepad++. This text editor offers a custom interface, syntax highlighting and extensive features that are used for code editing. The batch and split editing option, sleek interface and its slick mode make it one of the best text editors out there. Its slick mode also helps you to keep you away from the web when you are trying to edit your code. This software is well worth due to its great features and you can install it on a large number of computers. The original price of this alternative to Notepad ++ Mac is just $70.


“Bracket” is incredibly best code editor if you think $70 is too much to pay for a text editor. The other alternative to Notepad++ is Adobe’s Brackets with the added bonus that you can use it for free. The biggest benefit of using Adobe’s Brackets is that you can use the ‘Extract’ feature that will help you to get different fonts, measurements from a PSD document, colors, and gradients. It has the ability to extract the information automatically and turn it into a clean CSS by reducing the time that it would take to convert the PSD file into a website.


Atom is a highly recommended text editor that was designed by GitHub for online use. One of the biggest benefits of this code editor is that you can also hack it. You can put the code that orders the program to do something that you don’t want it to do. Their posts packages give it new look with some modification and additional features from history managers to themes. Atom can be changed by JavaScript & HTML. Hence, you have no need to know the intricate language to change the coding.


These alternatives to Notepad++ mac are text editor programs and some of them are free. We bet you that our recommendation will give you an idea and now you are able to easily find a new text editor for your MacOS. If you have more intensive editing project that requires more significant feature set to use then remember only pay for that text editor which has most of the features you may feel the need to use. Leave a comment and let us know what your opinion about these text editor alternatives is and if you’ve ever used any of them before, rate them and share your experience with us in the comment box.