Top 15 Most Successful Businesses to Start in Dubai

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. The population of Dubai is more than 2 Million. As a managing state, Dubai has all types of business hubs to help people establish their dream business. Over the past few years, the Dubai government has prioritized Foreign Investors or Foreign Entrepreneurs by giving them incentives to develop their own business.

We have selected the Top 15 Most Successful Businesses to Start in Dubai given below

1. Property Development and Investmentproperty bussiness in dubai

Dubai is known for property prices, one of the highest globally. Many real estate developers are doing great business developing properties like villas, apartments, flats, etc. A great example of Dubai property development is Emaar Properties, established in 1997.

2. Accounting and Auditingaccounting and bookkeeping

There are many small, medium, and large companies operating in various fields of business. Companies need to maintain their books daily so accountants do the job for them. Many accounting firms provide bookkeeping, auditing, and taxation services.

3. Information Technologyinformation technology

IT sector is another important industry. Many companies are operating in the Information technology sector in Dubai. Many IT professionals are working in Dubai with paying handsome salaries to them. This has led to establishing numerous IT companies over the years across Dubai. Some of the top IT companies are Novatech, iGATE, webdevelopmentdubai, and many more.

4. Retail and Wholesale Businesses

Dubai is well known for its retail shops and wholesale markets where one can buy different types of local as well as international brands. There are many malls in Dubai that contain a number of shopping outlets selling electronic items, office supplies etc to name a few.

5. Medical servicesmedical services

Dubai has numerous medical centers and hospitals. Many people from neighboring countries come to Dubai for their health treatments as they are cost-effective. Many Indian doctors have made a name here in Dubai for providing quality service at a lower cost.

6. Education Sectoreducational sector

Dubai is home to hundreds of nationalities working together, which means it has a large number of schools and colleges. There are many schools and colleges in Dubai teaching different types of courses. Universities like Dubai University and other government and private universities attract students worldwide to study there.

7. Fashion Industryfashion industry

As being a cosmopolitan city, Dubai is home to one of the biggest fashion industries in the UAE. In fact, a number of top brands have their retail outlets in Dubai, which attract a large number of people to buy the latest fashionable apparel.

8. Cleaning Servicescleaning services

In Dubai, many companies and homes need cleaning services from professional cleaners. This has led to establishing numerous companies that provide different cleaning services like carpet, marble floor, etc. Even some maid agencies also serve as a cleaning companies for their clients.

9. Travel and Tourismtravel and tourism

Numerous travel and tourism companies in Dubai provide all types of services to their clients. There are many tourist attractions like Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi Water Park, Aquaventure Water Park that attract tourists worldwide. Even a number of five-star hotels attract foreign guests.

10. Oil TradingOil trading

Dubai is oil trading hub for the Middle East and Europe. Dubai has oil trading contracts with a number of countries in the world which require oil on daily basis. There are many companies that provide large-scale oil trading services to their clients across the world.

11. Security Firmopen a security firm

The security sector is another important sector in Dubai since many celebrities are visiting Dubai worldwide. This has led to establishing numerous security firms that provide different types of security services like private security guards and events, event management, etc.

12. Real Estate

Real estate

Dubai is home to the best real estate business in UAE over the years since it has a beautiful landscape and many upcoming projects that attract many investors every year. Many real estate companies in Dubai provide all types of services to their clients.

13. Creative Industrycreative industry

Dubai is home to one of the biggest creative industries in the UAE over the years since numerous creative companies attract people to work in the sector. Many emerging creative companies in Dubai provide various types of services that need creative talent.

14. Central Bank of UAEcentral bank dubai

The central bank is another important sector in the United Arab Emirates since it provides numerous services to public and private sectors across the country. It offers different types of services like deposit collection, exchange trading, monetary policies etc.

15. Retail Sectorretail sector

The retail sector plays a vital role in Dubai since numerous types of retail shops attract people from different countries to buy their products. In fact, retailers in Dubai provide all types of services to their customers, which makes them a popular street-side retailer.


As you can see, there are many different types of sectors present in Dubai that attract people to work and build their careers. Since the city is growing rapidly, it has led to establishing businesses that provide all types of services to people living in Dubai. This keeps them occupied throughout the day without any issues. However, there are numerous job opportunities for those who are willing to work in Dubai.

It is worth mentioning that there are job opportunities for all types of people looking for jobs as per their skills and educational background. This makes it easier for skilled workers to search for suitable jobs in Dubai. Before sending your resume or visiting them personally, you must visit the company website. This will help you have a better idea of their hiring process and job description.

In our opinion, your first step should be visiting the company website to collect more information about the company and its hiring process. This will provide you a clear idea on what they are looking for from the candidate before applying for jobs in Dubai. In addition, you will be able to have a complete idea about their salaries and perks before sending your resume. This also helps you decide whether the job is suitable for you or not so that you can determine what type of jobs are best for you without wasting time.