How engaging with audience can get you more download and reposts on Soundcloud`


We live in an era of music where it leads the world today. You’ll hardly find anyone who doesn’t listen to music! Among the many platforms for music distribution, soundcloud races to the top with its access to free music and direct, easy upload system. This platform is used by music creators for uploading their music files while others use it to listen to music. Either way, with its large and established community, it clarifies the importance of this platform.

For promoting music and gaining an audience, what must you track have? What things are important to gain more soundcloud followers and more plays? What can you do to improve your position among other competitors? Here is all you need to know!

What must your soundtrack have to gain more followers?

Here are a few things that your track needs to have and what you can do, to increase your followers.

  1. High-quality tracks

Tracks with low sound quality are less likely to be received well, even if the song itself is good. Hence, to get more followers and ultimately more reposts and downloads, you need to have a high-quality track that people can enjoy. You should upload tracks which are ideally recorded and mixed.

  1. Go for music that people enjoy

You don’t have to go with the track you like best, rather work with music that your fans love and enjoy. Your favorite tracks won’t make you ask popular as the ones loved by the people. Make sure to keep that in mind. To get more likes and followers as a new artist wanting to establish him/herself in place, go for music that appeals your audience.

  1. Making use of cover art

Making use of cover art gives your album and instant professional look that wouldn’t be present on a soundtrack that does not have one. Cover art is very easy to make with the use of different tools such as Snappa, Canva, or stencil. It’s not at all difficult to handle, no matter how bad you are with technology. With the best visuals and good cover art, your album will look great!

While these things are crucial in the sound track, there are some other things necessary for promoting your music on sound cloud. Interacting with your fans and the audience is crucially important in gaining more downloads, reposts, and followers on sound cloud.

Engaging your audience

To establish your audience and make your place in the field, you need to constantly interact with other artists as well as with your audience. This way, your place and presence in the platform will be set and established. With this, you will be able to get new listeners and grow your fan base. You should follow, comment, message, repost, and join groups, but only selectively. Do engage and communicate, but only with those whom you like and not just for the sake of gaining more followers.