What factors to look for before buying pocket knives

Pocket knives are foldable knives that can be carried easily in a pocket. It has a maximum of 2 to 3 inches long blade which is fine to carry. It is always convenient to carry folding knives rather than carrying knives used in our kitchens. Those pointy edges can be harmful as long as they are not foldable. They are small in size and due to their tiny size, they come in handy for most of our work outside the kitchen. They can be used differently depending on the situation. You can open a letter or a box using a pocket knife or can be used for self-defense.

Before buying anything big or small you should always do your homework. That makes half work done. To buy pocket knives there are some factors to keep in mind. You want to peel a fruit or you want it for being useful in forests etc. Let’s have a look at how to use it.

Blade quality

Talking about knives the first thing that comes in mind is its blade. The blade is the essential part of  knives. It should be of good quality. If you choose to be on riverside then go for stainless steel as it can be prevented from moisture and not getting rusts.


The second important structure is its handle. As with handle, the grip is firm. So choose the comfortable gripping handle easy to hold and grips firmly in your hand.


By folding comes the locking system. If the locking is smooth while folding or unfolding the knife then it’s a good quality knife. Because bad quality can be stuck in the middle and cause damage while doing any work. It can delay any quick actions.


Always go for a knife that is of multiple usages. It also come with other tools as well like the opener, screwdrivers scissors, etc. There are more tools attached to different tasks to perform.


First things first. Decide for yourself what purpose are you buying it for. The size budget type etc can be decided then keeping the purpose in mind choose the pocket knife accordingly. That makes your factors visible for you and easy to buy.