Top 11 Tricks To Play Minecraft Like A Pro

Top 11 Tricks To Play Minecraft Like A Pro

Minecraft is a unique video game because it offers such a wide variety of different experiences to players. Whether you like building, exploring, or just creating mayhem whenever you have the ability, Minecraft has something for everyone.

However, there are some ways that people can play this game that will give them a leg up on the competition and allow them to show off their skills. Everyone who plays Minecraft wants to do so in a manner that will impress others and also help them be as efficient as possible while they play, so here are the top tricks those gamers should know before heading back into those virtual blocks. Specially when you are signing up for Minecraft on unknown server, it’s recommended to use temp email to avoid spam and junk emails.

Know What Blocks Are A Waste Of Time At First

On almost every map in Minecraft, there will be two primary resources that will be hard to come by. Those are iron and gold, which are found deep underground in large quantities. However, they also appear on the surface of the map, sometimes due to erosion. Therefore, some players will immediately want to break out their diamond pickaxes or even start digging down near lava levels without any thought given to how long it will take them based on the fact that they have a goal.

The trick here is not to break these blocks until you need them for something specific because if mining with your bare hands, you will lose all of this precious resource. You can even go so far as marking these locations with wooden signs so that you do not forget where they are located once you find them. This can be a significant waste of time and resources for those who do not know how to play the game more efficiently.

Know What Blocks Are A Waste Of Time At First

Never Waste A Placeable Item

There is almost nothing worse than having some placeable items inside your inventory as you start to mine and then find that you need them down below. This might be because some lava or even some mobs are going to spawn, which means that it might be best to put those items either in a chest or just on top of some dirt floor so they will not get destroyed. However, this does mean dropping valuable resources like doors and torches, which will really hurt any player’s chance at being efficient when they play the game.

Use Autoclicker

Ever since the first day that minecraft autoclicker scripts were released for Minecraft, they have become a major part of many people’s strategies. These programs allow the player to just click on any ore or mob, and it will start to mine/harvest them faster than most players could do it themselves with only their mouse. While using one of these can be considered a shortcut by some people, this is not something that should stop anyone from making use of this tool if it will help them advance in the game and feel like they are actually getting somewhere as opposed to mindlessly harvesting and placing blocks over and over again without seeming progress.

Use A Resource Pack

Minecraft has always been about having fun, which means doing what you can to make your experience more enjoyable. This includes downloading a different resource pack, which has been designed by someone else or even building your own one to make the blocks stand out more. This is going to be helpful for anyone who is not sure where they are going because it will be easy for them to find their homes and any other structures that you build when playing with a good texture pack due to the fact that they stand out from all of the others around them.

If You Can’t Make A Skybridge, Then Use An Enderpearl

Some people have been using the “skybridge” trick ever since this concept was introduced in Minecraft, but it is important to note what you can do if you cannot get this set up correctly on your map before heading off. The trick to this is simply throwing your enderpearl up into space, which will just transport you there without any tricks at all. However, players need to keep in mind that they are going to have the opportunity to fall down anywhere on their map if they do not go into creative first or have a similar tool set up for personal use.

Place A Tripwire Hook Before You Go Mining

Tripwire Hook in Minecraft Mining


Generally speaking, Minecraft players will know that it can be pretty easy for them to die when they break out their pickaxes and start mining away. After all, most people who play it like it because of how challenging it is and the fact that you really do have to work hard for items and resources. Therefore, players will do well for themselves by adding tripwire hooks to their inventory, which can save them when they start taking damage in these caverns.

Do Not Throw Torches All Over The Place

One of the worst things that someone can do is just throw torches all over the place because this makes it difficult for players to see where they are going and what is down below. There might even be mobs that come about once the lights go out, so chances are people will not want to deal with any of them when starting fresh in a brand new Minecraft world. Throwing torches everywhere will only lead to more problems than anything else, but you should also keep in mind that there is no need to walk around without any natural lighting whatsoever.

Watch Out For Lava

Watch Out For Lava

It can be easy for someone to lose track of where they are going in a world as large as the one featured in Minecraft, which means that players should try and stay away from lava whenever possible. If there is any around, then you will need to know where it is and how far down it goes before attempting to swim through or build bridges over it. Otherwise, you might find yourself losing health quickly and without any recourse at all.

Bring Your Best Equipment When Mining

If you plan on venturing out into the wilds of Minecraft and doing some mining, then you need to make sure that your character has his or her best equipment with them at all times. This is important because you do not want to lose any of your items, which can actually happen if your tools are not up to snuff with the rest of the stuff in the world.

Always Be On The Look Out For Chests

If players know where their homes sit in the game and there is a lot around that they can explore, then all players need to keep an eye out for chests. They will want to unlock these as soon as they find them because this is going to give them what they need when it comes time to upgrade their personal inventories and make it easier for them to move through different places without taking too much damage or using up too many resources. This is easy enough if one player decides to set it up before they go out on their own, which they can do by just adding a chest to the side of the house. In any case, chests are going to be highly useful when it comes time for players to make their way through different areas in Minecraft.

You Can Always Check The Game Map For Different Locations

It is true that you need a special map app if you want to see where you are going in this world and how much stuff there is ready for mining in different areas. However, it is never a good idea to wander around aimlessly when trying to find these places because that means that you will lose track of your path rather quickly. Instead, you should know exactly where your home base is with the help of an accurate map that you can quickly check whenever you get lost or run into trouble. This is highly useful, and it will help players stay on track while looking for possible areas to mine in Minecraft.


There are a lot of things that players need to keep in mind when they want to play Minecraft like a pro, which means that you will always have plenty of areas where you can go and look for materials. The more effort that people put into different mining places on the map, the better chance they have at surviving long enough to enjoy this game to its fullest extent.