Surrogacy – A Ray of Hope

As the world has become more technologically advanced and modern, the traditional way of becoming parents has also been upgraded, which is bliss for those couples in need who are unable to enjoy such a blessing of life just because of a medical hindrance. The term surrogacy is almost familiar to everyone now as it has become really famous among the young generation, especially.

What is surrogacy?

It is basically the artificial infusion of the egg and sperm to perform fertilization and then place it in a surrogate mother’s womb, which done through the process of In Vitro Fertilization or the IVF.

What to look for while searching for the surrogacy doctor in Ludhiana?

Taking a decision to go for surrogacy is easier in comparison to finding one of the best doctors, who can perform the whole procedure for you because it is the question of your hopes, dreams and most importantly baby. There are certain steps, which one should follow while looking for a doctor. Start with taking reviews from your colleagues or parents who have already gone through this process and ask them about the best surrogacy doctor in Ludhiana. Clear your confusions by talking to them, list down the negative and positive experiences, which they share with you.

Ask about the clinic’s or hospital’s condition where they perform the whole process that whether they are certified or not and are the technologies updated with the time or they are still using the traditional and old methods. Confirm about the availability of the surrogate and do question away your worries, schedule an interview with the doctor and inquire about what they have got to offer and how you can trust them. These are some of the basic questions which must be clearly answered before the start of the process, to avoid any sort of mishap or differences later.

Best Surrogacy Doctors in Ludhiana

No doubt Ludhiana has some of the best and most competent doctors, who are the professionals when it comes to the In Vitro Fertilization or the surrogacy treatments as they have unmatchable experience, which put them way ahead of any other doctor; therefore, their procedures are cost effective and produce almost 100 percent results. Some of the best doctors are Dr. Promila Jindal, Dr. Sayesha Baw, Dr. Sumita Sofat and Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur, who are always available for their patients and deal them in the best possible way to remove all of the patients’ worries and insecurities.