How To Attract Deer To Your Property

People living in rural areas or country sides usually like to live in houses big huge back yards. Sometimes these back yards can have their own tiny little forest attached to near wilderness. This forestation has all sorts of wildlife including deer and fox to name a few.

Deer are among few of friendly animals one might like to have near them. They like to pet and feed them. Deer is one of the favorite hunts but there are strict regulations for deer hunting.  You cannot hunt them anytime anywhere. Deer hunting is highly regulated and you need special permits for it. Deer hunt is allowed during certain month of a year.

You can hunt deer if it meets criteria and is on one’s property. Hence, hunters and observers like to lure nearby lurking deer to their property. Some let fait bring deer to them and some try different ways.

Basic Needs of a Deer

Let’s begin with three basic needs of any deer specie. Hunters should be well aware of basic biology before getting on with hunt. Food, water, and cover, these are three basic thing that can attract and keep a deer to a certain geographical location.

Talking about house backyards to properties, if any one of these three is missing deer might not even come near or even if it does it won’t stay there for much longer.

Comfortable Place to Rest

To make sure deer, with their younger ones, stay there for really long duration need to be able to consider is as their home.  Primary essence of any home is cover and a shelter. Deer too look for a reliable shelter and comfortable place to rest.  A place where they can rest safely without be harassed by weather or predators.


Like any living organism, deer too need ample food to survive. Deer usually migrate from place to place in search of food, so if you want them to stick to your property they better never face food shortage. More natural the better, but sometimes a hunter might have to supply supplementary feed through deer feeders. There are many different models and types available in market for different situations and species.

American hunter feeder is one of the best brands for buying hunting essentials and equipments like deer feeders. Use of feeder is not limited to feeding deer only; they can be used to feed many other wild birds and animals as well.

Ample Water Supply

Deer love water; they like to be near water sources. Properties without with nice ample supply, in form a stream, should consider building one. In actual wild forestation deer like to stay close to water sources like ponds, streams and swamps.

How to Fulfill all needs of deer?

Building a nice attractive place for deer is not as hard as it may seem. Just wisely plan natural resources around you, lets say a nice thick tree plantation would provide much needed place for rest and cover while wild grass will provide food. For water you can add huge drum half cut and buried in ground.