Dental Bridges and Crown Facts 2021

Dental Bridges and Crown Facts 2021

Dental bridges and dental crowns can be used if you have lost a tooth accidentally. If you ever experienced a broken or cracked tooth, you would have gone through the implantation of crowns or bridges to fix them. They support a beautiful and clean smile. Crown and bridges restore the beauty of your teeth. They give a natural look to your teeth. Your broken or cracked tooth as a result of any accident can be restored by a dental crown or bridge by quality cosmetic dentistry such as Dental Implants in Los Gatos CA. Let’s go through some of the facts about Dental crowns and Bridges.

Facts about Dental Bridges

dental bridges

Dental bridges are pseudo teeth that are inserted in the cavity of the mouth in case of tooth loss. But before you decide to implant a dental bridge, you should know the factors and consequences it may cause.

  • They are made of various materials but mainly porcelain and give a natural look to your teeth.
  • They are available in different types, styles, shapes, and sizes. You can pick one according to your convenience.
  • Mainly they are divided into four categories whose recommendation depends on the severity of your dental issue. Some of them are applied directly in place of the tooth and few need surgical replacement.
  • You can’t use multiple Bridges for your teeth loss. They have a limit to every mouth that includes one to three bridges in every mouth.
  • They are not very long-lasting but only if you take proper care. It can go for a decade.
  • You need to take much care while brushing and flossing.
  • They replace a broken tooth. If your tooth is broken from the root, the dentist will undergo surgery and replace the bridges to your jaw bone.
  • Though you can restore your tooth using Bridges, in case surrounding teeth are injured. You should prefer implants

Facts about Dental Crowns

dental crown

Dental crowns are used to preserve the original tooth if it breaks due to some reason. The dental crowns are actually a transparent layer that is used to fix the original tooth in the socket and then it is crowned to restore its original shape. They are also known as Dental Caps. We can think of a crown as a transparent casing used to keep a broken or cracked tooth in its place.

You should know the following facts before implanting a dental crown.

  • If your tooth is broken above the roots, you should preserve the tooth and hurry to visit your doctor. The dentist will fix your original tooth in the socket and encase it with the crown.
  • They are also used to weaken teeth as well. Crowns strengthen your teeth.
  • It has longer durability and can stay strong for about 16 years.
  • The dental crown is made up of various materials but your original tooth is restored. So you don’t need to extract your tooth.
  • People use it for cosmetic purposes as well.  They use it to hide the yellowing of their teeth to get a beautiful smile.
  • They don’t have limits. You can encase them for all your teeth.
  • They are highly expensive and cost about $800 to $1600 per crown.