Can You Be A Good PC Gamer With More CPS Score?

Click per the second test:

No need to define this term as it is defining itself. Still for your convenience, it is the clicking speed of an individual which shows the number of clicks done by an individual in a second.

This helps the individual in assessing the clicking speed by dint of various tasks. These tasks include click in a second, click in 10/6/5/100 seconds depends upon the choice of an individual. Basically, this clicking speed test has six different modes and among them, one of the easiest ones is click per second test.

How to click faster in one second?

The most frequently asked question by gamers is how to amplify the click speed in one second. Let’s discuss the process and tips.

First of all, to start the test click on the green flag that appears on the below box. Then, try to click as fast as you can to enhance your click per second speed. And keep it in mind that time starts when you hit the first click.

Moreover, to restart the click per second test, click on the gigantic grey button; an amazing feature, indeed!

And to increase your click per second speed tries to click as faster as you can because this will enhance your click per second speed.

Not only this, but by dint of it you can share the results of the test with your game buddies yay you can!

As we know, the competition becomes more interesting when all of your friends gather at one platform. By this, you can challenge your buddies and also defeat them.

Furthermore, you can show your skills to outsiders by challenging them.

Click test world record:

Although, the genius book of a world record is not applicable to this clicking test. But the authorities have recorded some amazing and marvelous click counts that will surely catch your attention.

The record has been updated by the screenshot which is sent by the players and a few of the players posted their counts on social media.

So, the highest score is 15-20 clicks average; unbelievable. And according to the recent updates, click per second test highest score is 22.


First of all, you need a gaming mouse to enhance your click per second speed because it plays a vital role in accuracy and capability. After that, move the cursor of the mouse to the clicking position.

Secondly, click and press the enter button of the keyboard. This thing will maximize your click per second scores.  This is actually a cheating code that you can use to be among the toppers.

Furthermore, you can use various techniques; let’s discuss them.

For the beginners, the jitter clicking technique is best.

For fast clicking opt for drag clicking

To make world records and break the ground you can opt for butterfly clicks

And for genuine scoring, you can also use auto clickers.


In a nutshell, the real gamers know the tricks to increase their click per second speed. The speed increment requires practice and practice.