Can tutoring be a career?

Can tutoring be a career

Tutoring and teaching have always been a very well-respected and well-reputable career, that is highly rewarding yet challenging at the same time. With the increasing pressure of exams to do well and climb ahead of others, schools may fall short for preparation in the exams.

This is when students often consider their tutoring options to get individual attention from tutors, so they can prepare well. For tutors, the profession is as well-respected as teaching itself. Since it’s so similar, can tutoring be a real career? For answering that question, we need to look at the pros and cons of tutoring. Among others, students often need IB Economics Tuition, for better training.

Pros of taking tutoring as a career

Choosing tutoring as a career has several pros that are described below.

  1.     Using your knowledge and hard-earned skills

Tutoring can be a great way for you to use the skills that you have gained and earned throughout your study. Being an alternative to classroom teaching, you can easily tutor students and hone your skills to use.

  1.     Working for a few hours but earning more

As a tutor, you can work for lesser hours, and you have complete control of where and when you work. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to earn more with hours fixed as per your ease. Normally, tutors teach for two or three hours on weekdays and desired hours on the weekend. The hourly rate can be set accordingly, and you can earn as per your need.

  1.     The industry is becoming more popular

There are more parents now looking for a tutor for their child than ever before. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and put your skills to the test? Tutors require preparing students to sit their exams and perform well. Moreover, the addition of online tuition has improved the chances of reaching students around the globe. Hence, as this industry is becoming more and more popular and in future may even become one of the top jobs in high demand.

Cons of tutoring as a career

Nevertheless, as there are downsides to everything, tutoring also has its cons that need to be considered.

  1. Working hours can get tiring

Most tutoring classes are in the evenings or on the weekends, making it difficult to keep a balance between tutoring and other work. These weekend and evening hours can get difficult and tiring at times. Tutoring isn’t always as easy as it seems.

  1. Lack of colleagues and peers

Working in schools and colleges, etc allows you to make friends and enjoy with peers and colleagues. Sadly, the tutoring profession can get lonely as there is less contact with others. Hence, tutoring can sometimes become tiring and dry with no peers to have a break with.

  1. Starting is difficult

Since you must do most of the things yourself, setting a start can be difficult. From flyers to websites and words of mouth, you need to put in a lot of effort to make your mark.

Overall, we see that tutoring can be taken as a profession. While it has its pros, some cons need to be considered before one goes for such a career.